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Find yourself constantly tossing and turning looking for the best position to read or study? Let the Easy Reader® Book Stand do the work for you. Don't let reading stress your back and body over an uncomfortable sitting position. Having an adjustable reading stand only extends the amount of time you can spend reading or studying. Easy Reader® Book Stand is proven to help relieve bad posture and increase personal time and decrease time suffering from a sore neck or strained eye-sight.

A versatile reading stand, table stand, and clipboard. You can use it everywhere! Great for the bedroom, kitchen, traveling and for music. Use for tablets, e-readers, heavy books, magazines, laptops, sheet music and more! Lightweight and portable; conveniently fits into carry-ons and backpacks.

Also sturdy book stand that positions papers or heavy books exactly where you need them. You can select from 10 angles, place your book on the sturdy platform (14 x 9 inches) and use the page holder to keep the pages flat. It folds flat for storage or can be used as a legal size clipboard with a broad writing surface.


  • 10 Adjustable reading positions 
  • Light weight and portable
  • Sturdy frame for larger books
  • Multi - Tool positioning (Can fold flat for writing and copy holder)
  • Reduces neck tension and eye strain
  • Lifts laptop and tablets up to eye level for reduced back pain
  • fits into almost any bag or tote

Product Dimensions

Color Alpine White + Charcoal Grey
Length 13.5 inches
Width 8 Inches
Weight 16.93 oz

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    Product is good; customer service not so much...

    Posted by Brian on Jun 25th 2019

    The adhesive remover that came with the bookstands discolored the bookstands. This is easier to see on the grey ones but it also discolored the white ones. Customer service replaced the grey ones BUT they are making me go through the trouble of returning the discolored ones. Yes, they sent me a prepaid return label. But who enjoys making a trip to the Post Office? Especially to fix a mistake that was completely EasyReader's fault? Plus the white bookstands are still discolored; it's just harder to see than on the grey ones, so I didn't really complain about it. To sum up: Yes, they replaced the grey bookstands. But they also are making me take a trip to the Post Office to return the old ones, with no additional compensation. And my white bookstands are still discolored. So I call that below average customer service. Not what I'd hope for when I'm spending $130 on four plastic bookstands. (This review should replace my five-star review of the grey bookstands, where I thought they were going to let me keep the discolored ones for my trouble, since they didn't send me a return label before. But I just got emails from them insisting that I return the discolored ones -- and they finally sent me a return label. Thanks, EasyReader, for the still-discolored white bookstands, and the trip to the Post Office that I'm going to have to make.)