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Students of all ages find that the Easy Reader® helps them in all aspects of their studying. They use it as a reading stand for holding even the heaviest textbooks while they read, study, write and take notes ... they use it as a copy holder when reviewing classroom notes or writing research papers ... and, they use it as a clipboard for organizing study materials. In fact, the Easy Reader® was originally developed by a law student who wanted a way to hold unwieldy law books while he studied. Since then, the Easy Reader® has been used by students studying a wide variety of subjects — from high school biology to medicine, from algebra to accounting. And, even after graduation, they continue to find practical uses for their Easy Reader® reading stand.



Rather than trying to hold books open as they write, or looking down at books as they study, when using the Easy Reader®, students can look at their books directly at the same eye-level as their laptop screen, thus reducing both neck strain and back strain. And, because the Easy Reader® can be adjusted, you can eliminate glare and shadows on the page, thereby creating less eye strain.



Transcribing each day's classroom notes into their computer reinforces what students have learned that day. Successful students also cross-reference the relevant pages in their textbook. Having neat, well organized notes makes studying for subsequent quizzes more effective, often resulting in better grades!


Because the Easy Reader® folds flat to form a clipboard, it will fit easily into a student's backpack or book bag making it simple and easy to carry to and from the classroom, library, home and dorm.



The Easy Reader® is recommended often by chiropractors and ergonomics experts to help avoid physical stress when reading and working.  Having learned first-hand how useful the Easy Reader® is when they were in chiropractic school, chiropractors then tell their patients how the Easy Reader® can help make reading more comfortable, make studying easier, and free up their hands for writing.  The Easy Reader® offers a choice of ten positions, enabling you to place your reading material in any one of these positions, thus eliminating glare and shadows that can cause eye strain. Holding a heavy book in position can cause pain in your neck, arms, shoulders and back. Whether working at the peak of health, or recovering in bed from illness or surgery, no one wants to experience such strain and pain.  Just as we watch television straight-on, books should be read at eye-level, not bent over the book. With a correctly positioned book on the Easy Reader®, your chin is higher and your neck is not twisted, thereby helping to avoid tension headaches and neck and shoulder pain.