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Who Uses

Diners: Use it to hold their morning newspaper while they eat breakfast. Or a book while they eat lunch.

Bedtime readers: If they fall asleep while reading, the EasyReader® page holder keeps their book open to the last page read!

Patients: People recovering from surgery or illness appreciate receiving an EasyReader® to hold their favorite book or newspaper, thus relieving the strain on their arms, shoulders and neck.

Cooks: Use it in their kitchen to hold cookbooks or recipes, leaving their hands free to measure and stir.

Craftspeople: Use it to hold instructional drawings or manuals while they work on knitting, model building or other handicrafts.

Do-it-yourselfers: Also use it with instructional guides, leaving their hands free while doing carpentry, plumbing, electrical work or car repair.

Bible readers: Folks who read daily inspirational passages also use the page-holder to mark thye last passages they've read.

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