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What are the two main problems computer users encounter?
Number 1: Neck, arm, shoulder and back tension.
Number 2: How to position notes, research materials, books, printouts, spreadsheets and early drafts while typing. Easy Reader® helps solve both of these problems.

With Easy Reader® beside your computer to hold your working documents upright, your chin is higher and your neck is not bent, thus helping to avoid tension headaches and pain in your neck, arms, shoulders and back.

With a choice of six different positions, EasyReader® enables you to place reading materials at just the right angle so you feel comfortable while you're writing or entering data.

In sum, EasyReader® frees your hands... making working easier.

Easy Reader Book Stand


1. When you sit at your computer, your feet
should be flat on the ground and your arms
and thighs parallel to the ground.

2. Rest your hands in your lap often or
hang them by you sides.

3. While writing, wrists and fingers should
line up directly with your arms--not bent.

4. Tap the keyboard gently.

5. Stretch every 30 minutes.
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