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Folded flat, EasyReader® fits easily into your briefcase, backpack or gig bag. On the plane it fits on the tray table while you read your book or magazine.

When you get to your business meeting, classroom,speaking engagement, library, music lesson or rehearsal hall, open up EasyReader® and there's your instant lectern... book holder... music stand.

Business people place both their notes and a printout of the PowerPoint presentation on an EasyReader® so in the event of a computer malfunction they are prepared with a backup text to read from.

Teachers and public speakers use it as a portable lectern to hold their notes.

Students use it in the library to hold research books open while they take notes. Whether they take notes with their computer or on paper, note-taling is easier when hands are free.

For musicians and singers, it's a portable music stand whether they're practicing or performing.

It's so portable, it goes with you everywhere.

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