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EasyReader® is not just for books. Newspapers, computer printouts, recipes, virtually anything on paper will fit on its broad platform.

Students often enter their classroom notes into their computer after class. Doing so not only enables them to flesh out their notes and provide cross-references to their textbook, it also reinforces what they've learned that day. And having well-organized, clear notes makes studying for exams easier and more effective.

Business people returning from a lengthy meeting can use EasyReader® when transcribing their notes or sending out follow-up e-mails to insure that the decisions made are acted on promptly.

In fact, many business people take their EasyReader® to meetings, use it as a Clipboard, thus easily organizing and retaining their notes for follow-up.

Working from spread-sheets and other computer prontouts is easier with EasyReader® leaving your hands free for note-taking and writing.

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