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EasyReader® is often recommended by chiropractors and experts in ergonomics to help avoid physical stress when reading and working.

Chiropractors have often used it as students. Having learned first-hand how useful it is, they tell their patients how EasyReader® can help make reading comfortable, make studying easier and free their hands for writing.

Glare and shadows on the page can cause eyestrain. EasyReader® offers a choice of six positions, enabling you to place your reading material in any one of these positions, thus eliminating glare and discomfort.

Books can be very heavy, especially textbooks. Holding a heavy book in position can cause pain in your neck, arms, shoulders and back. Whether working at the peak of health or recovering in bed from illness or surgery, no one wants to experience such strain and pain.

Just as we watch television straight-on, books should be read at eye-level, not when we are bent over. With a correctly positioned book, your chin is higher and your neck is not twisted, thus helping to avoid tension headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pain.

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