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Folded flat, EasyReader® forms a handy, legal-size clipboard. This configuration also facilitates portability and easy storage. It fits nicely into a briefcase, shoulder bag, portfolio or backpack. Or it can be stored on a bookshelf adjacent to the next book on your reading list.

You'll find so many uses for EasyReader® as a clipboard... holding shopping lists, recipes, discount coupons, newspaper clippings, things-to-do lists. You'll always know where to look for your list... It's on your EasyReader®!

Many people take an EasyReader® to meetings, with a notepad under the clip. It's large enough to hold legal-size pads. EasyReader® not only provides a smooth writing surface, it also helps keep notes and meeting handouts organized.

On the other hand, people who have more than one EasyReader® Reading Stand rarely fold all of them up... they've found so many uses for them!

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