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  • Computer users: Holds spread sheets, notes or research materials while writing and working.
  • Students: Take it to the library. Holds even the heaviest books. Frees hands for taking notes. Fits into backpack.
  • Teachers and public speakers: EasyReader® holds lecture notes.
  • Business people: To hold speaking notes and the PowerPoint printout.
  • Musicians and singers: I;s a portable music stand.
  • Meal-time readers: Holds their newspaper or book while they dine.
  • Cooks: Holds cookbooks open and recipes in place.
  • In-bed readers: Makes reading in bed more comfortable and saves their place if they fall asleep.
  • Bible readers: Easily holds even a large-type edition.
  • Exercisers: Holds newspapers and books while on the treadmill.
  • Craftspeople: Holds craftsbooks while they knit, sew, build a model, make pottery and so forth.
  • Do-it-yourselfers: Holds instruction guides, leaving hands free to build, install or repair.
  • Patients: A get-well gift that continues to be useful long after recovery.
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